Pegasus public beta

This is the page for the Pegasus project, which at this moment is divided into two subprojects:

  1. Pegasus One, an emulator written in C for the Intel-8080, including console I/O, four virtual floppy drives of 250KB, emulated tape interface, and adjustable speed.
  2. Pegasus Abandonware Library, a collection of existing software that can run on Pegasus One, including a CP/M 2.2 disk operating system, 4k and 8k versions of Altair Basic 3.2, and seven different games!


The current version of Pegasus is 0.98.1 and can be downloaded here (287780 bytes).

The original Pegasus Public Beta (0.98) can be downloaded here (331848 bytes).

Release notes

16 december, 2021, version 0.98.1, public beta

Today, a new public beta has been released. We refer to the file README for all the details including further release notes!

5 december, 2021, Pegasus public beta

The current setup assumes that you have a Unix-like system together with gcc to compile the sources. See the README file in the package for building details.

The games in Pegasus Abandonware Library include five classic games from the 70s, all of which were groundbreaking at the time of their release:

  1. Oregon Trail (Bill Heineman and Don Ravitsch, 1978)
  2. Hamurabi (Doug Dyment et al.)
  3. Star Trek (Mike Mayfield, David Ahl, Bob Leedom, John Borders et al.)
  4. Adventure (Mike Goetz et al.)
  5. Hunt the Wumpus (Gregory Yob)

Additionally, two real-time games originally written for the Kaypro in the early 80s are included:

  1. Ladder (Yahoo Software, 1982)
  2. CatChum (Yahoo Software, 1982)

Happy holidays and happy computing!